Volunteers Can Adopt a Driveway This Winter to Assist Neighbors With Snow Removal

Over the past several years, the Helpline Center has partnered with the South Dakota State Penitentiary to provide the Scoop It Program to low-income seniors and disabled individuals in our community. Shoveling the snow not only helps to meet the City’s sidewalk snow ordinance, but also gives vulnerable individuals access to necessary medical appointments or grocery shopping. The program has reached capacity, and the Helpline Center is working to expand the program by utilizing volunteers to assist with shoveling.

The new Adopt a Driveway program will assign a volunteer or volunteer group with specific driveways for the entire snow season. Volunteers will receive a notification from the Helpline Center when there has been a snow that requires shoveling and the timeframe the shoveling needs to be completed based on the City’s sidewalk snow ordinance. Volunteers may sign up by dialing 211 or going online to https://thinkcaliber.wufoo.com/forms/adopt-a-driveway-volunteers/. Helpline Center will take your information and invite you to a short volunteer orientation to review program guidelines and responsibilities.

“We would love to be able to move clients off the Scoop It wait list and encourage all volunteers who are interested in adopting a driveway or two for the entire winter to give us a call,” says Betsy Schuster, Vice President of Program Development for the Helpline Center.

The Scoop It program is available to low-income or disabled individuals who are unable to shovel their own snow. Eligible persons must live within the Sioux Falls city limits, must be elderly or disabled and unable to afford to pay someone to shovel their walks, or have no other means of removing the snow, like the help of a family member or neighbor. Those interested in receiving the service must complete an application form, available by calling 211 or 339-4357.

Residents have 48 hours from the end of a weather event to remove snow and ice from sidewalks. Failure to clear sidewalks will result in citations and other costs to the property owner. Don’t wait. Shovel within 48. Residents also are encouraged not to forget about sidewalk curb ramps on corner lots and other curb cutouts. Residents are responsible for providing access from the street onto the sidewalk. There is no ordinance regarding removing snow from driveways.