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Janet Kittams-Lalley

Betsy Schuster
Vice President of Program Development

Barb Clinton
Office Manager

Wendy Holbrook
Call Center Director

Barbara Bettelyoun
Suicide Prevention Director

Susie Ryks
Volunteer Services Director

Janet Harvey
Events Coordinator

D’Lisa McKenzie
Child Care Resource Coordinator

Riley Amundson 
Sioux Empire Network of Care Coordinator

 Stacy Walters
Serve and Learn Student Association (SALSA) Coordinator

Barb Ebeling
RSVP Project Coordinator

Dane Stone
Technology Manager

Courtny Nesheim 
Military and Family Support Coordinator

Sheri Nelson 
Postvention Coordinator

Nichole Gjoraas
Health Navigator 

Amy Ballou
Brookings Volunteer Services Coordinator

Lynn Taylor Rick
Black Hills Volunteer Services Coordinator

Heidi Bell-Gease
Black Hills Resource Development Specialist