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What We Do

Hi there! My name is Susan Kroger, and I started my new position as Resource Development Director at the Helpline Center just a few short months ago. I started this journey as one starts any, with a little trepidation and a lot of anticipation. Since starting, I’ve jumped in with both feet and have enjoyed learning…READ MORE

211 on 211 for 211

The Helpline Center is ready to party, celebrating National 211 Day in honor of our 211 service. And we want to invite 211 friends to revel with us! It’s going to be the most epic volunteer party of the year, and you are invited! 211 volunteers are needed to help celebrate National 211 Day at…READ MORE

Volunteer Reflection and Goal Setting

SALSA (Serve and Learn Student Association) is a program of the Helpline Center that engages high school students in volunteering. The questions below were shared with students recently in a weekly e-newsletter as a way of helping them reflect on their service experiences, but can apply to people of any age as a way of…READ MORE